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Friday, August 10, 2012

Tablets Are Taking Over The World?

Let's face it, tablets are quickly becoming the new laptop. They're much easier to carry, the touchscreen is fun and convenient to use, and if you look around you you'll notice that almost EVERYONE has one nowadays.

If you've been thinking about getting a tablet for yourself we've got great news for you. Like most other technology tablet prices are coming down drastically as production and demand goes up. So now is the perfect time to consider making a purchase. 

The technology is faster, more secure and more convenient than ever and there is an application for almost everything. This new technology is essentially making laptop computers virtually obsolete.

Get an amazing multimedia experience, extereme multitasking capabilities, picture and video editing, document processing, portable printing, virtual connectivity and more. The cool part is that it's portable and you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Put your laptop away and experience the awesome power of the tablet. 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

GeoVision Telescope and Microscope Set

GeoVision Telescope and Microscope Set. ONLY $59.99 Plus FREE SHIPPING 

With the GeoVision microscope and telescope set, you can view everything from a microbe to the moon! The portable 360mm telescope features lightweight metal tube construction and a 50mm achromatic objective lens. The all-glass optics and rack-and-pinion focusing deliver clear, up-close images at magnifications from 20x to 80x. Easy-to-use refractor design and table-top tripod make it perfect for on-the-go discovery. 

The microscope features durable die-cast metal construction. Features: -GeoVision Telescope and Microscope Set. -Two interchangeable glass eyepieces and power settings from 50x to 600x provide superior precision viewing. -Rack-and-pinion focusing and the built-in light help deliver bright, clear images. -48-piece kit has professionally prepared slides and everything users need to make their own specimen slides. -Requires 2 AA batteries for microscope light. -Grades 3+ / Ages 8+. -Dimensions: 4.4" H x 12.5" W x 22.9" D.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Navman iCN 330 Portable GPS Unit 2.8" TFT Screen Manufacturer Refurbished : $99.99

As Simple as ABC!
Navman iCN 330Portable GPS.

For the ultimate reliability in GPS navigation – you can depend on Navman’s iCN 330.

Whether it’s A to B, or even A to Z, finding your way should be easy. Which is why we made the iCN 330 as easy to use as reciting your ABCs.

Simple Navigation.
When we designed the iCN 330, we didn’t want a sat-nav device that only rocket scientists could use. So we made it as simple to use as possible. There are also lots of ways to plan your route, so you can be on the move quickly and easily.

Choice of Displays.
Once en route, the iCN 330 displays your route on a 3D moving map, in 2D or instruction-by-instruction. What’s more, whenever a maneuver is coming up, the progress bar turns red. And if, despite our best efforts, you do miss a turn, the iCN 330 automatically recalculates a new route with its Back-on-Track function.

The Navman iCN 330 is ready to use straight out of the box, so you can enjoy its amazing capabilities right away.


Seagate FreeAgent Pro 320GB 3.5" External Hard Drive : $99.99

Seagate FreeAgent Pro 320GB 3.5" External Hard Drive : $99.99

USB 2.0

Access your content from anywhere, share it with anyone and sync it to almost anything. The FreeAgent™ Pro data mover automatically duplicates and moves content you select to multiple locations.

The FreeAgent Pro data mover provides anyone who’s serious about their digital content with the freedom to stay connected to it.

It’s all about having your latest files right where you need them, when you need them. The FreeAgent™ Pro data mover automatically duplicates and moves content you select to multiple locations like email and contacts to your IPod™, photos to a Shutterfly™ account, your entire “My Documents” folder to FreeAgent, or move it to your own online space where you can access it from any browser 24/7 or share it with anyone you choose.

FreeAgent Pro has an innovative modular interface "future-proofs" technology, continuous automatic revisions of your files to help keep you safe from goof-ups and if need be can roll back your system settings to a better time.


Argus DC5195 Digital Camera : $49.99

Argus DC5195 Digital Camera : $49.99

5.0 Megapixel,
4x Digital Zoom, 2.0" LCD

A fun and easy-to-use point and shoot digital camera designed especially for the active photo-fun user. With its shock resistant casing, impressive LTPS display, 4x digital zoom and 5 MP resolution, the 5195 sets the bar for competitively priced, high quality digital cameras.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

2 Watt 250 MA 6V Mono-crystalline portable Solar Battery Charger Kit with Siemens Solar Cells : From $25.00

Uses Mono-Crystalline silicon solar cells, with 2 Watt/220mA output.

It has built-in battery cabin where you can charge 5 AAA batteries (not included), and therefore can serve as a battery charger & emergency power source. The charger has a flashing (charging) green indicator, and battery full red indicator.

There are three types of Solar Cells on the market. All our solar chargers use the best - Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells.

Mono-Crystalline Cells have 25 or more years of service life and are up to 20% efficient.

This is the same type used in solar car racing or the solar airplane. This type of solar cell is now in worldwide shortage because only a few companies can manufacture them.

Here are some reviews of this product:

  1. 5 out of 5: "Great product, fast shipping! Received in 4 days!! Great price and reasonable shipping!! Thanks!" Date: 10/2/2007 Rated by Buyer: Elizabeth M.
  2. 5 out of 5: "product is good" Date: 10/2/2007 Rated by Buyer: wen w.
  3. 5 out of 5: "I was very happy with my purchase. The units arrived and well packed. No breaks" Date: 10/1/2007 Rated by Buyer: Cedric C.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

RCA DRC247N DVD Player - Progressive Scan, DivX Playback, TV Guardian : $9.99 after rebate. Ends Today

The RCA DRC247 DVD Player is a home theater component that brings you ultimate control over your movies, media, and content.

The TV Guardian foul language filter is built in and ready to use. When activated, the DVD player will scan subtitle data and mute the TV when offensive language is detected.

With Multi-format playback options that include DVD, CD, CD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, MP3, WMA, and JPEG photo formats for on-screen picture viewing.

This is an upconverting DVD player as well, meaning that the RCA DRC247 DVD player eliminates scan lines on a video image and produces a cleaner, sharper picture than the standard interlaced process.

It also plays and displays DivX format DVDs, a video compression format that allows much more information to be stored on a single DVD. Connectivity to advanced home theater systems is also possible thanks to component video outputs.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ultra All-In-One USB 2.0 Flash Card Reader (Supports SDHC & Vista) : $19.99

Ultra All-In-One Card Reader/WriterReads All Popular Digital Formats

Your system will have the ability to read all popular digital media formats with this new Ultra All-In-One card reader/writer!

You’ll quickly find that this All-In-One card reader is the fastest and easiest way to transfer images, music and data to your PC.

Plus, you’ll extend your digital camera’s battery life when you transfer your files from the Ultra All-In-One card reader.

And it’s fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0. This Ultra All-In-One card reader is easy to install (Plug & Play) and boasts handy LED lights that indicate power and media access status.


Sabrent SBT-SCNV / Color / Mini Wireless Security Spy Camera (1000-feet range) : $69.99

Security Spy Cam Wireless Camera with Audio

This Spy Camera is perfect for your home or business, this Wireless camera will enable you to monitor anything or anyone. It features a 1.2 GHz frequency, 90 MHz - 200 MHz output frequency and more. It features a compact design that's small enough to mount anywhere.

Great for hobbyists wanting to mount it on their favorite RC car or truck too.

Could easily be used as a baby monitor or employee monitor.

- Built-in Audio Microphone
- 50mW power
- Clear signal 1000 ft line of sight range
- 380 lines of resolution
- Vivid Color Picture
- Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation.
- 1.2 Ghz Frequency (Secure. Not public TV channel)
- NTSC format